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                                                                          (Frequently Asked Questions)

 > What do you do basically?
Ans. Hey there, we’re a film & music production house "ADANJ". 

Our work ends up with film-making, music composition, animations, professional audio recording, photography which results full featured films, cinematic /short films, music videos, corporate/ad videos & and pleased to welcome a film producer, writer, a company who needs audio/visual promotions or any artist/band who needs good musicians/sound/visuals for his music to serve their targeted audience in a deserving manner.

Our 'The Wedding Visuals' section looks for the fairy tale wedding films and colorful wedding photography for any loving couple who is getting married, blessed with their first baby child or any special occasion willing to capture the best moments and emotions in their lives. 
We promise to keep the beautiful & precious memories safe forever.

> Is this is for the real?
Ans. Yeah, it is! We are happy to bring the magical charm of cinema to real life people. We capture the biggest times of your life and give it to you so that after so many years whenever you wish to walk, you can walk as many times to come back in the same time again with same emotion.

> How much does your film costs?
Ans. Normally making such films costs in lacs per day, but we are providing it in comparatively far low rates. Our rates are nominal & genuine so don’t worry a bit about it.

> How these ad videos are better than any other sources of promotion?

Ans. In case of just watching a poster somewhere or listening to your ad in any audio source, here in ad videos more senses and inner emotions of your viewer/audience are utilized when he watches your ad. They get easily connected which results in your brand stay in their memory with their real-time emotion.

It stays on your website forever, unlimited runs on your office LED, cineplexes etc...You get the full independence to find the genuine number of viewers who have watched your video in XYZ online platform. A good chance of getting the ad viral and reaching millions of people makes it more worthy.

> How much does a song cost?

Ans. Well, there are two ways we can go:-

First one, we can choose the per hour scheme in which we set the clock from the artist IN to artist OUT and the editing time with (1000 Rs. per hour)

Second, we can analyze the total structure of the song and calculate a perfect estimate.

It will depend on how much time it will take and the number of instruments used.
If an artist needs an instrument in his music and he doesn't have the instrument player of that particular instrument, we can provide the finest artist as per his need.

> What equipment you use?

Ans. Guitars : Gibson Lespaul / Fender Stratocaster / Ibanez GRG & AW series / Yamaha ERB Basses

Drums : Mapex Voyager Kit, Sabian 18" crash cymbals, Meinl high hat and Tama Iron Cobra (SB Pedal)
Audio Interface :Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

Keyboards : Yamaha I 425 (For music programming)
Microphones : AKG C414 XLS, Rode NT1A, Behringer B1, Samson C02, Shure SM 57, Shure SM 58, Shure PGA 7 piece drum mic kit and 8 others HQ standard microphones.
Output Source : KRK Rokit 5 HQ Monitors, Sennheiser HD 598 & Ahuja AHP 1200 HQ headphones

Filming : We use high-tech industry standard filming equipment as per the lights and theme


Shooting rig : Red Raven, Sony A7Riii, Canon 5D M IV/III, Canon 7D MII, Canon 600D, DJI Phantom 4 drone cam, DJI  Osmo, DJI Ronin M, Sony G master 70-200/F2.8 lens, 50mm F1.4, Canon 24-105, Canon 16-35 and 18 other lenses as per the requirements.

> How long your wedding films are?
Ans. The time duration of every film is a direct reflection of the kind of wedding it was. We make films who pretty enough stick to the audience watching it. It may range from few minutes to hours. 

> Do you guys do UNDERWATER shoot?

Ans. Yes, we do, we are having the finest cinematographers who are having years of experience of underwater, skydiving and much more sports activity shoot.

> Do you guys travel?
Ans. Of course, we do. In fact, we love to. Provide us the genuine conveyance and a decent place to stay there in your city, we would be happy to come and make your film.

> How soon will I get my film?
Ans. Well, it actually depends on the editing section and our upcoming schedule during the movie shoots. It takes hundreds of editing hours to create a film, but we assure that it would always worth waiting.

> How many wedding films you make in an year?

Ans. These films are the result of the colors of our imagination, physical/mental efforts, and creativity which clearly needs a lot of time to make it heart-touching and worth.

Hundreds of hours fly like a nightingale during editing and animation part.

Apart from our other running works maximum, we make 8 to 10 wedding films in an entire year.

 > What is your payment procedure?
Ans. After your work inquiry and confirmation, you need to deposit 20 % of the total amount as a booking amount, 60% amount before few days of shoot start and the rest 20 % of the amount will be paid during delivery.

> Are your wedding films are previously scripted?
Ans. In the case of ad videos, cinematic film or music videos, we do our best to script a storyline on it as we are associated with the hard-core story writers and designers of the industry.

For wedding films, real-life people are not professional actors and each one is having a different love story, unique emotions, and different journey. So there's no need to script the film. 

 > How much advance I need to book you?
Ans. As prior as possible up-to-the-date, it is like ‘first come – first serve’.


> Can we hire another videographer and camera man with you?
Ans. We love to capture your real emotions, once they go can't retake. So many lights, cameras around us are disturbing as we like to shoot in a real-time ambience. Our shoots are unscripted and non-rehearsed. We also insist on not more than two photographers.
That's the way you'll get the best of both!