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> How much does a song cost?

Ans. Well, there are two ways we can go:-
First one, we can choose the per hour scheme in which we set the clock from the artist into artist OUT and the editing time Second, we can analyze the total structure of the song and calculate a perfect estimate. It will depend on how much time it will take and the number of instruments used.
If an artist needs an instrument in his music and he doesn't have the instrument player of that particular instrument, we can provide the finest artist as per his need.

> What equipment you use?


Machines          :  I mac 7th Gen i5/16GB/2TB/27/Sierra/4GB Graphics, 

                           Two pairs of Assemble Windows i7/3.6GHz/32GB/21/8TB/8GB

Guitars              : Gibson Lespaul 80s tribute, Fender Mexican Strat, Ibanez GRG 170X, Ibanez 

                           AW50ECE, Yamaha ERB Bass
Drums               : Mapex Voyager Kit, Sabian 18" crash cymbals, Meinl high hat, Paiste PST5 18" crash, Paiste PST5 21" ride cymbal and Tama Iron Cobra (SB Pedal)
Audio Interface : Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (Pair) and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
Keyboards         : Yamaha I 425, Novation launchpad (For music programming)
Microphones     : AKG C414 XLS, Rode NT1A, Behringer B1, Samson C02 (pair), Shure SM 57 (2 pairs), 

                           Shure SM 58 (pair), Shure PGA 7 piece drum mic kit and 8 others HQ microphones.
Output Source   :  KRK Rokit 5 HQ Monitors (2 pairs), Audio Technica ATH M50, Sennheiser HD 598 & 

                             Ahuja AHP 1200 HQ studio headphones.

Amplifiers          : Marshall DSL40C tube guitar amplifier, Fender Mustang guitar amplifier, Laney LR35

                            guitar amplifiers, Hartke A70 bass guitar amplifier.

Pedals                : Hartke bass attack, Boss ODB-3, Boss GEB 7, Behringer Chorus, Behringer Noise 

                            reducer, Boss ME-25, Marshall Foot switch

DI Box                : BSS Audio AR 133 DI Box. (pair)

Cables                : 8 pairs of low noise studio cables connected by Neutrik XLR M to F connectors 20 

                            Feet each. 3 pairs of jack to jack low noise studio cables 15 Feet each for instrument. 2 pairs of small cables 4 feet each.

Converters         : All possible XLR M to F to jack to 3.5mm and vice versa converters

Mic Stands          : Long boom mic stands (1 pair), Standard size (3 pairs), small size (2 pairs), table 

                             mic stands ( 1 pair), Notation stands(1 pair) Total stands = 20

> Room size and acoustic treatment details?

Ans. Recording Room - We have a 12 feet wide, 15.5 feet long and 12 feet heighten well acoustic treated and sound proof recording room. All four walls are having seven layers of sound condensing material covered by soft board, perforated board and wooden chip board to get the deserving sound. We specially taken care to make the room should not sound complete dead so these three patterns of materials were used.

Extra special treatment of ceiling we did for cutting the above reflections, a thick vibration absorbent sheet laid under the wooden tiles of the studio covered by an extra thick beautiful red carpet to avoid the unwanted vibrations.

Control Room -  Control room is having 11 feet wide and 11.5 feet long, maintaining the room symmetry. Same acoustic treatment we did in the control room also. We also use the control room for recording with no fear. :)

> Do you work for every artist who comes to you?
Ans. Studio is a place of implementation of what you've learnt from your musical journey and your life experiences. We also regularly meet-up few yoyo calling themselves rock stars, in highly demand of auto -tune who wants to start their musical journey directly from the studio works. No learning, No music sense, No sacrifices. This is not how things done at least for us.

We only work for those artists whom we find worth enough to put our time and art for.

> I am a song writer. So how is this possible to transform my words into a song? 
Ans. So yes! You are at the right place for this. We are having a full dedicated team of music composers, instrument players, singers and audio engineers who are having an experience of 10-20 years working in the same field and will surely help you out to create the best euphoria for the words you wrote.

> I am a film director looking for the background score, Foley and songs for my film/web-series.
Ans. We can probably do our best in this, as we are a film & music production house. We deal majorly in films and their sound works. We very well understands tactics behind and in-front of filmmaking.

> Do you provide the studio equipment on rent for outside use?
Ans. The biggest NO of this world.

> Do you provide the studio space on rent, can we come along with our engineer just to use the space?
Ans. Normally we don't do, we only let our trained engineers to work in the studio. Your engineers are most welcome, they can work but under our vision.

> Do you provide studio video services too?

Ans. Yes we do. You will get an outstanding advantage to get feature yourself in the unique and beautiful ambiance colors of our studio. Extra special take care we did in terms of decor and lighting in the design for doing a classy photography and video shoots inside the studio.

You may go to the film production services to get everything in detail for video works.

> We have our audio ready and we are hiring some other video guy. So can we use your space to shoot our studio music video?

Ans. Well No for this. Outside video guys are not allowed in the studio. Artists are most welcome if they want us to make their studio music video. It is strange, but yes! it is like this.

> What is your payment procedure? 

Ans. After your work inquiry and confirmation, you need to deposit 20 % of the total amount as a booking amount, 60% amount before few days of shoot start and the rest 20 % of the amount will be paid during delivery. 

> How much advance I need to book you?

Ans. As prior as possible up-to-the-date, it is like ‘first come – first serve’.