ROBODIA | Robots for all time

Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology from the vision of Adanj Production.

Loved to be a part of such a family of humble people and punctual management.


  ADANJ | JUET| Corporate video

D'equinox Fest Anthem | JYC


Game of Thrones | Guitar cover

Twinkling eyes of HOPE | CHRISTMAS 

AMIT weds NEHA  |  Wedding Invitation

The most awaited aftermovie is here!! For all the love we've shared together, For every single tear we've cried together,
Adanj Studio presenting official after-movie #TOGETHER of Techkriti, IIT Kanpur 

 ADANJ | IIT Kanpur | Techkriti'18

ATOOT - Bandeh (Playthrough)

Hello AMIT & NEHA, 
If there's bliss, if there's love. We would love to keep your memories safe for ever. 
the biggest day of your lives from day it was all started. 
                   Happy Times!!!

New Studio Inauguration day

Ser o Dúo - Rin Amarillo 1 (Live at Adanj)


A small mockumentary on a legendary person RAVAN!
Something need to know. Captured a couple of days ago!

Goa Breeze 🌴🐟

When an adventurous traveller met his craziness couple of years ago 😃

A royal destination wedding of #Shriya & #Mragendra is here.

Have a look ❤️

BEING PARENT - A blissful journey of                 INDU & KULDEEP

MANIT - Technosearch'17 After-movie

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So folks,
Introducing with the 'Studio Live sessions' of our drummer Divyaraj Bhatnagar along with Akshat Saini on guitars of the single #BirthApocalypse.

Birth Apocalypse

   ADANJ | Metal Music| Music Porn

So, the promo of NEHA KAKKAR Live in BHOPAL is out now. The OMEGA Live feat. Neha Kakkar and ROOH band DUBAI.


Ser o Dúo - Miniatura (Live at Adanj)

Recorded these amazing artists from Chile - South America in our studio
How such soulful melodies tears the emotions grow. Gratitude


The most awaited aftermovie is here!! For all the love we've shared together, For every single tear we've cried together,
Adanj Studio presenting official after-movie #TOGETHER of Techkriti, IIT Kanpur 

 ADANJ | IIT Kanpur | Techkriti'18

A beautiful composition 'Wahaan' by our very own 'Nitesh Gupta' sung by Sarah Mehdi and Rohan Pathak.

Must listen.

​You are already in love ;)

Jabalpur Anthem| Udit Narayan

Holi Colors | Waterville

D'equinox 2016 AFTER MOVIE


The track Live ON from the album Insensitive gives a motivational sound to those people who are not living their life in a way that they actually want to live due to many reasons.

The track is about to wake the credulous soul power of a particular by the virtue of which he leaves everything and just listen the words of his heart and he becomes the builder of his own path and shanty.

Authentic, Lively and Timeless are the three words that describe our photography skills. We have covered a wide variety of musical concerts, events, artist's portfolio,  weddings, meetings, conventions and corporate outings throughout the country. Our photographers have the eye for the detail having a knack for capturing the most coveted moments.

Adanj Studio is presenting the one of the beautiful place for the youth by the youth people of the city.

    MANIT - Technosearch'17 is here


music production

Everyone gets keen when it comes to the world of Robots. Adanj had an amazing time with 'Vaibhav Jain' along with a  promotional advertisement video of his training institute 'ROBODIA'


Magical scenes of the musical moments we captured at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Meghalaya 2018.

Lighting smiles on innocent faces is far satisfactory and lovelier than lighting christmas tree ;)
We celebrated this ‪#‎Christmas‬ in a special way. 

Festivals are made for families and friends.They don't have family but they have friends like you.
Celebrate your festivals with them.
‪#‎holdthehand‬ ‪#‎feelthegrace‬

A perfect venue to explore MUSIC and meet musicians of the city.
Artistic ambience with rockNroll and blues makes the scene alive.
ADANJ had an amazing time with Maybe There family. 
Here are few interesting glimpse of the event, featuring young BHOPAL.

Birth Apocalypse | Studio Jam

In collaboration with MTV NESCAFÉ LABS, we came up with ROCKENFIELD - Vintage & Vh1 Supersonic aftermovie.
A place to celebrate MUSIC as FREEDOM
where the LIGHTS will guide you HOME
where the feelings are expressed LIKE NEVER BEFORE !!!!! :)

ADANJ | MTV nescafe Labs | Vh1 

Shree Shivam | Walk Through video 

NH7 Weekender | Aftermovie

Written stories always make sense when it comes to pull the visuals out of it.

ADANJ releases a chapter of a book written by renowned young author of book  'Banaras Takies', Mr. Satya Vyas.

Decent comedy is good for life.

   ADANJ | Satya Vyas | Dilli Darbar

A Rap produced at Adanj Studio.

Lyrics/Vocals Tushar Rao

Music Nitesh Gupta

Direction Adarsh Gupta 

Audio/Video Production Adanj Studio

Maybe There | Promotional 


Muskura k kabhi tum, milte to sahi

Kyu mere Baaju se bach ke nikalte rahe,

Kuch tum, Kuch hum, zara zara, Badalte gaye

Ye darmiyaan humare faasle badhte rahe

A lovely song 'Faasley' sung and composed by Shikhar shrivastava.

Get yourself trained for vulgar management of anger.
We again came up with the official music video of a bhopal based #rockNroll band Apricot.
Stay tuned! Cheers!


  ★               ★              ★

Hello people, We participated in an international Filmstro & Film Riot One Minute Short Film Competition, here is our entry.
Hope you guys like it.
Film by - Adarsh Gupta
Feat. Shivam Mehra, Ayush Dhiman, Gaurav Chauhan 
Special thanks : Prateek Kankane

Recorded these amazing artists from Chile - South America in our studio

How such soulful melodies tears the emotions grow. Gratitude


IIT Kanpur | Techkriti'18 | After-movie

This year you will rule and rock. We wishes all of our folks to be them selves with more energies to make this world a better place. Cheers!


RAVANA | I will be there

Jai Jai Kedara | Kedar Anthem

Iltija - Samar Mehdi

Jaypee University

JASHNA - Live ON [official video]

Maybe There | Aftermovie

ROCKENFIELD | Aftermovie


One of the favorite song in rocknroll. Man or animal by Audioslave sung by Chris Cornell and drum covered by our drummer Hansraj Shankushal.

Have a look.

For all the GOT lovers out there.

Acoustic + metal guitar cover of GOT by Akshat Saini.

Watch his awesome style and dedication here.

Mix Engineer : Ankit Kujur

   ADANJ | The Mirrors | Music video

Engaging narratives and striking visuals are a result of excellent Post-production. We at ADANJ, cover every single post-production terminology that comes under the sun. Editing, audio mixing, audio mastering, shots line up, colour grading, visual effects, motion graphics, cover designs, we have got hands on everything. We work in close collaboration with the editors who carry years of experience from Bollywood. We also freelance national - international video projects.

Behind the Scenes | Adanj Studios

ADANJ recording studio provides you with the versatilities in tones and colours to dig out the desired sound. We're having the years of playing/recording experienced instrument players and music programmers of the scene and would love to help you out to make your music more impact full and famous.

B.M.C Bhopal

Awarded by Chief minister and in collaboration with Bhopal Muncipal Corporation and Ministry of Water Resources, this time ADANJ brings you the ad - infinitum love for Bhopal in the vision for making it the cleanest city of the country. 


So folks, here is the after movie of D'equinox 2016.
The movie feat. SUNBURN | PAPON | SPUNK| JASHNA 
It was really a great grand fun working with the boys of JUET Nostalgia.
Cheers !!!!!

Kahaniyaan | Saloni Maheshwari

More than a decade ago, when we heard this guy for the first time and this song touched our hearts.
Time just played a game that today we proudly have been a part of it.
Have a look.
​Or thoda samhaalna dost! Bhaari hai..

हर बच्चा खूब पढ़े, हर बच्चा खूब बढ़े!
Trying to join the hands of a bunch of good souls by spreading their mission of educational right to everyone from this film and music piece of ours.
Have a look and share your love  

Teri Aankhein | The Mirrors

Padmasan mein dhyan lagaye maun hai, Veerane mein tapta yogi kaun hai

Jai Jai Kedara!

​A song beautifully written and composed by Kailash Kher and music produced and programmed by us.

Feat. Amitabh Bachchan, Kailash Kher, Suresh Wadkar, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Babul Supriyo, Anup Jalota, Hema Malini, Prasoon Joshi, Sivamani.

For our new studio setup in Bhopal. These are the words more than tons of gold for us.

Thank you all for being a part of our dreams.



ADANJ | Promo |AD Films


It was 3:30 AM, June 5 when lovely couple Indu & Kuldeep were extremely delighted because God blessed them with a baby boy.
Here's a complete journey of them from the pregnancy month to the entry of champ in this world. :D

IIT Kanpur | Techkriti'18 | After-movie

Hello 90's kids, 
Almost all of us had a childhood crush. So pure, so innocent. Wasn't it? ADANJ came up this time with 'An innocent tale of love' and throwing yourself back to a couple of decades when that true magic actually happened. 

   ADANJ | The Mirrors | Music video

Anger Management | ApricoT

Wahaan - Nitesh Gupta

Feat. Sarah Mehdi & Rohan Pathak

A new mall opened in the city. Our directional piece of this visual is presenting a tour of it. 


The Lost PM - Movie trailer


I am as passionate & emotional about food as I am for music.
ADANJ had an amazing time with JIMMY (metal vocalist turned BURGER guy) tasted BURGERS of his magical fingers inside the kitchen.
Watch his food and musical journey from that innocent kid who hold the mic for the very time up to the man who is burning stages.

Adanj Studio presents - Take me away by Avancer Nagaland is coming up all the way from Nagaland carrying the air of the northeast music culture with their journey of the lifetime.​​

Anger Management | ApricoT

A bundle of feww good times we had together during the production of song 'where all the stars ceremoniously sing'


Our visionary minds with the  supreme console gears export the finest quality of films. We ace at making Full feat. films, Short films, Music videos, Commercials & Advertising, Occasional Films, Book trailers, video teasers, Digital Portfolio, Corporate Video, Promotional Film & Video,  Documentaries, Drama, Wedding Films, Parental Films, Training Films, Health & Safety Films & Multi-Camera Event. 


Kishtein Chaar | Tushar Rao

ADANJ STUDIO presents ' D'EQUINOX ANTHEM ' in an ADANJ music video for the annual cultural fest of 'JAYPEE UNIVERSITY ' 


Another song produced by us and Udit Narayan's voice took the composition to a whole new level.

Song has got a purpose to spread awareness of cleanliness for the Jabalpur people. We would like to thank Sanidhya Society to have faith in us for this.

Dilli Darbaar | Satya Vyas


A plane crash that has never been confirmed.
A movie trailer filmed by ADANJ that demystifies the unsolved mystery behind the controversial death of NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. 

Avancer | Take me Away


This holi get yourself ready for the colors with glamour.

Bhopali party place where everything is just chill.

Happy Holi everyone.


The purpose was to make the visuals for multiplex ad films and public LEDs to get the people know about the place.

and yeah !! it was done ;) 

​Magic by : Yuvraj Bhatnagar


Adanj Studio is presenting Bandeh playthrough by band ATOOT.

For the sake of PEACE.

For the sake of HUMANITY.


Shutter| I Addygraphs

We assure that creating music and its recording would be fun if you're working with ADANJ. We have a sound recording studio you need. Whether you’re a solo music producer or a full-scale rock band. We provide you with a great experience in studio recording. ADANJ can arrange the ultimate creative experience, harness the inspirational atmosphere that is created within our studio by utilising our creative team.

For our corporate clients, this is a presentatio for the ad films section.

     ADANJ | Promo | AD films

A song well written by Saloni Maheshwari and sung by Ankita Dubey.

Basically when a poetry is converted in a song.

GOA BREEZE | Wedding Film


Faasley | Shikhar Shrivastava

Our Services

IIT Kanpur | Techkriti'18 | PROMO



The promo of Techkriti, IIT Kanpur is here. After-movie '𝗧𝗼𝗴𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿' is coming pretty soon. For all the love we've shared together. 

Thank you all for making it possible.

 ADANJ | IIT Kanpur | Techkriti'18